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  1. Jose Mourinho press conference following the 2-1 defeat against Sunderland


  2. Every story has a beginning

    17th August 2013.

    Match Number 1.

    Win Number 1.


  3. Liverpool defeatĀ Southampton 3-0 to move into 2nd.

    Southampton 0-3 Liverpool FC
    FA Premier League
    1st March 2014, 5:30pm, St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton

    (Source: secretariats)


  4. VIDEO: GOALS GALORE! Daniel Sturridge - all his goal from 2013-14


  5. How to play football: The Liverpool Way


    • Put out a questionable/unpredictable line up
    • Score 10 goals in the first half
    • Score hella own goals via Skrtel or Toure
    • Make sure to concede 8-12 goals in the first half as well
    • Play absolutely horrid for the next 30 minutes
    • Score a late goal that secures victory
    • Check to see if any fans survived the game

  6. Liverpool FC Cumulative Points Total 2013-14

    Brendan Rodgers has nudged back ahead of Rafa Benitez’s Premier League record season of 2008-09 when LFC finished 2nd with 86 points.

    Liverpool would need to win 10 of their final 11 games to match this target - but this season that total would almost certainly win the Premier League.

    Anfield Online Notes:

    LFC have only reached 80+ points in the League on only 3 occasions in the past 25 years (once under Houllier and twice under Benitez). The reds last League title in 1990 was won with a total of 79pts.


  7. This Is Liverpool FC 2013-2014


  8. Henderson,

    to Suarez,

    to Sterling.

    Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal
    Premier League



    Former Liverpool star Luis Garcia today announced his retirement from football at the age of 35.


  10. Love. The. Sturridge.

    (Source: secretariats)